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Plot Area:


Residential Building

Fifth Settlement, Cairo


Architectural Renovation

540 SQM


Family Oriented

Our client's dream was a building that strengthens the bond between him and his children. The building was designed to host a dedicated floor for each of his children once they get married and start their own family, the ground floor for parents and unmarried children, and the basement to act as a central hub where the family gathers to create cherished memories during the day before retiring to their own domains at night. Embrace a lifestyle where bonds are strengthened, and individuality is celebrated.

Warm Aesthetics

Our client wanted a façade meticulously crafted to exude comfort and invitation. With a harmonious blend of textures and colors, every detail whispers of home, enveloping you in a sense of belonging from the first glance. Experience the essence of aesthetic warmth as you arrive at this sanctuary, where beauty meets emotion to create a timeless haven for your family.

A Personalized Touch

Our client sought not just a facade, but a statement—an embodiment of their unique identity. Picture a facade that transcends the ordinary, a masterpiece that whispers their name with every curve and contour. With meticulous attention to detail, we've crafted a design that reflects the essence of their being, ensuring that every glance at their home evokes a sense of pride and individuality.

Our client's needs were perfectly fulfilled. Now its your turn!

Exterior Shots

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